There was an interesting discussion on the l-camera-forum, an online message board for Leicas, about the missing “level” on the new M10. The M240 has an electronic “level” that you can use to make sure that the camera is level.

This is used mainly for wide angle lenses. If you deviate too much from level the world looks like it starts to fall in on itself.

So, at the moment, the level doesn’t exist on the M10. There has been rumors that in an upcoming firmware that they’ll bring it back.

The funny thing that non-electronics folks seem to think that all electronic stuff is effectively magic.

The camera, in gross terms at least, knows which way is up. When viewing pictures things are rotated so up is up. Something must be doing that. From here people just go off the rails.

The simplest way of determining “up” is something like the 2 x 2 x 1 mm chip that does exactly that. There’s no smaller “mechanical” (as opposed to micro-mechanical) device that I can find. But still there is argument that it can’t be done.