I have a variety of digital cameras…

  • Leica M10
  • Leica M240
  • Canon 5D mkII
  • Panasonic G85
  • iPhone 7
  • Various digital point-and-shoots

I also have film. But why should I use it when I such options like the above?

Film is an odd thing. It’s a limited resource, but it’s also something that you don’t want to develop before you’ve been done shooting it. It’s the whacky dichotomy of trying to be careful with a limited supply of film and a forcing function of trying to get through the film in the allotted time you have. You have to think about what you shoot and you have to think to find something to shoot.

Film is also easy to develop — black and white film at least. You think “film” and think “darkroom,” but you don’t actually need a dark room at all. Film development can easily be done in full light with just a tiny bit gear.

My goal is to shoot a roll or two of film a week. I took a little break with the new camera, but I need to restart the rhythm. I find getting into the right mindset helps even when I’m shooting digital.