Washington (the state) Republicans are trying to restrict access to toilets for the trans folks among us. They couch the laws in all sorts of “safety.” But you really have to think about them a bit deeper.

What, or who, exactly are these laws designed to protect anyway?

To be clear, things like rape, assault, and stuff is already illegal unless there’s been some change that I’ve not been made aware of.

If we’re trying to protect “feelings” and crap, well… fuck that noise. No one has the right to not get their feelings hurt. No one has the right to “feel safe.” Safety already has a slew of laws. “Feeling safe” is bullshit.

If I wanted to “feel safe” and let’s say for sake of argument that black people made me “feel unsafe” could I not just demand they get their own bathroom, school, or whatever else. How well would that argument work?

Simply because trans makes up such a tiny subset of the population does not make it OK to beat up on them.