There is something about film for me.Is it the look? Is

Is it the look? Is is the process? Is it the though? Is it the malleability?

I took this back in January when I was visiting a friend of mine. We got together later in the day on a chilly Sunday afternoon in January. The sun was starting to get low in the sky; not that it ever really gets high in the sky in January in Seattle.

Loading the Delta-400 into the Leica M7 I decided to shoot it at ISO 800 and push the film in development.

The picture here is a silly and mundane picture to take, objectively. Based on the look I’m guessing this is taken with a 28mm Summicron wide open at f/2.0. Shutter speed is unknown — a guess would be around 1/100s.

There’s a look to it though that I simply like to look at. It’s organic.

The grain is there. The light is there. It’s a stupid still life of a stupid subject.

But I like it.

There’s some of the harshness of the grain. The details of the foreground. Melting into the background’s gentle rendering of the yard.

I wouldn’t have taken this shot if I wasn’t pushing to get through a roll.

I’m happy I did.