It’s an interesting phenomenon participating on some internet fora. Each and every one has a certain demographic and how you need to engage needs to be different.

One of the ones I’ve been on recently is the l-camera-forum that, unsurprisingly, talks about Leica cameras.

The thing with Leica is that even though I’m sitting here 43 years old I’m the young one in this particular group. I would hazard a guess that the average age of the participants is in the 60s. (meta: I tend to hang out with older folks, just how I’m wired I guess)

The thing is that the older generation, especially the peeps on this forum, seem to be non-tech. Frankly, it takes a bit of an investment to get into the Leica habit. There’s a good mix of doctors and lawyers combined with the rest of the photography crowd. What comes as a natural technical analysis of a problem comes off as more of a conjecture than an analysis. “That’s not what Leica said during their press event.” You can never let marketing get in the way of engineering.

Oh well

I suppose this all comes back to my trying to be dispassionate with ideas. You can have a cool idea, but if someone has some better thought, well… you just move on.

I still like the M10, BTW.  :-)