Over the weekend we were visited my some sales folks from CenturyLink. They are in the process of rolling out their fiber internet connection and were trying their best to sell me on their service and get me to switch.

The biggest thing that got me to say no is when they said:

“CenturyLink’s 40Mbps fiber is faster than Comcast’s 150Mbps cable internet.”

What in tarnation are you talking about?

A bit is a bloody bit after all. Unless you’re either changing the definition of a bit or the definition of a second, it’s nothing more than a rate of speed. Like miles per hour.

What if I told you that this Ferarri going 40mph is faster than the Honda Civic going 90mph? (Note, not turning or anything — this is an apples-to-apples speed comparison) You would look at me like I was a dolt for even saying that.

But that’s exactly what they said.

Fiber, like a Ferarri, might be sexier — but speed is speed.

I also pointed out the DVR they were offering was designed by idiots and that I’ve actually written a blog post about exactly that.