I was over at my local camera shop today picking up a new printer, but that’s the subject of another post for later. Ok, well two people picking up since the big printers are a bit heavy and awkward.

Before the printer I was asking what they would pay for my old Leica (this was when the auction was still going). The buyer wasn’t there so I didn’t really have a chance to properly inquire about the used gear. But then I started talking to one of the sales guys. We started talking about lenses that look like bazookas and stuff like that. I brought up my dad’s old rifle-stock camera mount.

It was relatively common back in the 70s. We noted that if used one now we’re liable to get shot… it really does look like a rifle.

The subject of firearms had been broached.

There’s been an intersection between photographers and gun lovers.

It’s something that I’ve really known before. It’s hard to say why, but I guess there’s something to do with the precision of both. Both are activities that require focus and being at one with your gear.

I don’t know why really. But it’s just perhaps an interesting coincidence.