Why? You have to pay tax on purchases and all that fun stuff, right? Ain’t no way I’m buying stuff from there.

Except then they wouldn’t be there.

Sometimes it’s really rather nice when you can walk in.

Sometimes it’s even nicer when you walk in and they have sales that are far better than what you would get even online.

When would that be? This weekend for me.

I was in the market for a new photo printer. My old Canon 9500-II is a good printer, no doubt. But I was getting really rather annoyed at the differential reflectance of the pigment-based inks that it used. It seems silly, but to me it’s important. Not just that but the ink cartridges are pretty small and they seem to be prone to getting dried out pretty quickly — even just sitting there.

So I walked into Glazer’s on Sunday intending on buying the latest Canon Pro-1000 printer. From looking online it seemed like it might have some rebate going on, but it was a bit vague.

Not only was there the rebate, that I could have gotten anywhere, but they were having a promotion where they (I think it’s a special Canon promotion) were throwing in seven boxes of paper. This is expensive, big, 17×22″ paper. Each box is $100.

I picked up another one for the rebate as well just to say I purchased the box — and it added $100 on the rebate so it was, effectively, free.

Not everything online is cheaper… not only is it good to have a local supplier for your toys, it’s sometimes a better deal too!

The printer? That’s the subject of another post, but my first impressions are “OMG this thing is amazing!”