Unpacking from my ride to work this morning I had a zipper failure on my riding pants.

My gear that I normally wear is from Aerostitch and I’ve been wearing it all the time since around 2009 or so — and I’m a daily rider so that wear and tear starts to add up over time.

The zipper is for the main left leg zipper that runs from the cuff all the way up to the waist of the pants allowing it to effectively unwrap from my left leg.

The zipper pull broke off and I was left struggling to unzip it the rest of the way. (Ok, I would have grabbed my Leatherman in a few more seconds) But getting them off is one thing. I would still have to get them back on.

Hunting around the supply room I found some things: a binder clip and a paper clip. The paper clip doesn’t have enough toughness to hold up to the task, but it’ll serve it’s purpose of holding the clip’s clip closed.

It’s not the ultimate solution, but hell, it works for now.

I also ordered a replacement set of pants… time has taken a toll on the pants and it’s time for a refresh. (repairs would cost more than half the cost of new pants — and that’s just the parts that I would replace this time)