Measles. Mumps. Rubella.

Apparently, someone at Amazon brought in the first one.

I’m not going to singularly blame them. There are legit cases where people can’t or at least shouldn’t be immunized.

Then I get the email that we have a possible exposure.

(No, not leaking anything, it’s on the news)

The fact that people who aren’t at risk are opting out of immunizing their kids is quite simply reprehensible.

You can crow about “but what about autism.”

Fuck you.

That “study” has been retracted as bad science. Besides, people were autistic before all this crap — we just didn’t have a good name for it. And besides, I’d rather have an autistic child than one who is dead. Other than the fact that immunization does not lead to autism. But besides that.

If you stick to shit like that you are no better than someone who claims that climate change is up for debate.

I’m sincerely hoping that the individual pulls through and they were the victim of the overall lessening of our herd immunity.