I had (I guess I still have, but I’m trying to give it away to charity) a printer that could handle 13×19″ paper. A week and a half ago I got one that’ll handle 17×25″ media.

It sounds like a small difference, but it’s amazing what a difference it can make in terms of just the scale of the output. This will be hanging on a wall in our dining room catty-corner from another black-and-white photo — the other one from Ansel Adams.

No, I’m not comparing… but it’s nice to be able to whip out a big print like this.

The print above is 17×22″, oddly called “ANSI C” sized paper. When I think “ANSI C” I’m thinking thinking the programming language which predates the paper by around two decades or so.

Even better that the paper I’m using for this print, Ilford Mono Silk, makes it look like it came out of a normal wet darkroom.