I was over in Portland yesterday hanging out with an old friend, Cynthia. She wanted to visit the Peculiarium. They had a shop. The shop had a bucket of slides.

I was looking through the slides (and thankfully they had a light table as well) and saw something I thought I recognized. I thought what I saw on the 126 Kodachrome slide was Hősök Tere in Budapest. The slides were dated October of 1971.

I also saw something from likely the same camera of Tempelhof airport in Germany. I figured it may have been a stopping-over point.

When I scanned it it’s obviously not the spot in Hungary I thought it was… but it’s a sliver of life from before I was here.

It’s also kind of cool that it’s a 126 slide. 126 film looked like the old 110 film on steroids. It was 35mm film in a self-contained cartridge. It also shot square.

But anyway, now I’m curious to figure out what this might be. Anyone have any idea? It’s most likely Europe, with West Germany being the likely candidate. Thoughts?


This is the Soviet War Memorial in West Berlin!