It’s been a long time. She started boring the tunnel shortly after we moved here to Seattle and she’s finally made it through to the other end.

It’s a picture perfect entry with her coming dead center on the receiving pit. A few weeks ago they paused for a few days to make sure things were going on track — and they were except for a 6-inch deviation from the plan, still within tolerance anyway.

Shortly after she started she hit an 8-inch well shaft that was lined with steel and broke a bearing and ruptured some seals. Was it the cause of the pipe? It’s really hard to say, but it’s a good excuse. She was rebuilt by hoisting her out from the tunnel and upgraded the bearings, seals, and even upgraded the cutter head itself.

From there it was smooth sailing.

Sailing until today.

Now it’s just driving a few feet into the receiving pit where she will be disassembled — much of her scrapped.

Then it’s to finishing up the tunnel itself.

It was a long journey that’s started its final chapter. It’s a big day for Seattle.