I have been using Sena Bluetooth headsets for my motorcycle travel for a while now. As the trip I’m about to go on is coming up I started to double-check things. And good that I did because I found that over the course of around three years or so the receiver that’s been mounted to my helmet broke.

Helmets live a hard life and things attached to them do too.

But that’s not the issue at hand.

I ordered up a new one from Amazon and started to go through the setup process. It needed a firmware update like everything does now, and that’s when the problems started.

I hooked up my unit to my computer at work (a Mac) and it wasn’t recognized. I tried a different port: nope. I tried a different cable: nope. I tried a different Mac: nope. A third Mac with only USB-2: nope. A Windows machine: nope. A Windows VM: nope.

Then I went online to their support page. I asked a question and after a week of pinging them, they finally got back to me. What the heck? Of course they got back to me after I already filed for a return of the crappy device.

At this point I’m thinking of jumping ship altogether to going to their competitor, Cardo Systems, to see if they have something that might be even better.

There’s few things that piss me off more than poor customer service.