There was the slew of science marches today. My understanding is that generally they weren’t targetted towards politics, but in the current political climate there have generally been many digs at the right.

I think that while the right has a lot of anti-science so does the left. Republicans haven’t cornered the market on science denial.

What about things like vaccine lunacy? What about the “risks” of GMO crops? What about the fallacy of organic being better in all ways than traditional? New age medicine with crystals and homeopathy? If you stretch “science” to evidence-based reasoning, you can also lump in the “all these new homes are making the city expensive” economics deniers.

There are kooks all over despite how much you want to vilify your opponent.

I think many folks on the right are plum off their rockers… But I also think the same about the folks on the left.

Most anti-science seems to be based on wishful thinking and maintaining a flawed status quo or a hope for something that’s out of reach. That if I believe something hard enough it’ll happen. It’s like religion in many ways. And you can’t talk most people out of religion either.

Painting with a broad brush is a way to demonize a group of people without engaging in a discussion with the non-crazy among them. I don’t think further polarization is the way to go, honestly.