There was a conversation today at work about docs. Amazon has a huge internal wiki where we basically keep all of our documentation. It’s a great help in certain cases. Certainly for our team it makes for a great place to have all of our docs.

But the real killer feature would be when we’re interacting with other teams.

However, like with anything, there are problems with this.

I divide up the content on our wiki into a couple of different categories:

  1. Good, accurate information
  2. Incomplete, but helpful information
  3. Planning for future features
  4. Outdated information that used to be correct
  5. Aspirational documentation of things that were never built
  6. Outright wrong stuff

1 and 2 are helpful in various degrees. 3 can be helpful in engaging the other team. The rest are just garbage.

The thing that isn’t as obvious is which category any page falls into.