When I was buying my Leica M typ 240, and then with the M10 I was thinking that I would take the camera with me on my motorcycle trip. In many ways, it was one one the motivating factors for buying the camera in the first place.

I’m around two weeks out from the moment of bon voyage. I need to settle the decision.

As I’m thinking I’m actually leaning towards taking the new Panasonic G85 with me in the Leica’s stead.


I’m intending on camping at least 75% of the time. You can say that I’m getting a bit Seattle paranoid, but I’m not sure I want to camp with $20+K worth of camera gear in my tent. It’s all insured, but it’s still something that just rubs me in a slightly wrong way.

The Panny isn’t as nice as the Leica, but it’ll be good enough to document the trip well enough for me I think. 20 mega-pixels is enough for anything I can print out here.