So May Day already happened obviously. Walking back from getting a birthday dinner for Ennie we found this taped up on some construction.

It’s hard to get support from people, but bloody easy to lose support from those people. You can make a flyer that people agree with almost everything, but you only need to add a few batshit crazy things to get summarily dismissed from the conversation.

Ok, smash racism, et. al. Sounds good.

Disarm the police? Umm… probably not a good idea.

No more wars of aggression? Decent idea.

Renewable energy? Check. Wars for oil… you already said that the line above.

Healthcare, education, and housing for Al. Great if you’re Al I guess. But seriously, things are an unlimited resource in all places. You might not be given the house in the city you want to live it.

No more hunger amid plenty? Well… most people here are already pretty well fed.

No more bullshit jobs? Dude… you might want to put down whatever you’re smoking, you’re going cray cray.

No more bosses? Ok, you’ve confirmed that you are batshit insane and nothing you wrote has any bearing on reality.

Two of the points are prima facie insane. The police one is just plain stupid.

When you’ve proven that you’re not a good source of information, people will stop listening. If I didn’t have a job and was thinking of going to the May Day protest this alone would have kept me away.

Like, what about bullshit jobs like, ummm, water and sewer? Or farmers? Or paving the streets? Or making sure you have power? Internet, anyone? Restaurants and their waitstaff? Who calls the shots to ensure that people collaborate effectively?

The stupid just makes my head hurt.

(posted a day late due to technical problems)