I start today next to Zion in overcast conditions. I checked the weather last night and realized that camping in or around the Grand Canyon was going to be a non-starter for me — it was going to be fricking cold.

Plan B was to go to Page, AZ, a bit further along my route, because the national weather service predicted something a bit warmer.

So I got suited up and went towards the Grand Canyon — knowing it would be a one-and-done for this trip. I checked the Zumo for the driving conditions and it said “snow.”


Taking the road to the north rim of the canyon, sure as shit, I had some flakes dot my visor.

The sun managed to break through the gloom a bit as I was on my mini hike to Angel Point. (Lots of angel references here)

Then on the way back (only one road to and fro) it snowed even more. I was at 8800 feet so it’s a bit chilly I suppose.

Descending the plateau it got a bit warmer. But getting into Page… well that was another matter. Stuck in construction traffic for a good 20 minutes while I was being drenched with bucketing showers.

Ergo, no camping again tonight.

But I did make a cool connection with Gary from the neighboring pizza joint… but that’s another story.