Thankfully, I’m writing this from a tent tonight. After two night in a hotel room I wasn’t that keen to go for the trifecta.

I did a quick mental list of the times I’ve been snowed on…

  • Day 1 from Seattle going over the pass… snow that stuck on the road (!) and my face shield.
  • Day 3 in Bryce Canyon while I was hiking to Inspiration Point (thankfully now while riding)
  • Day 5 going to and from the north rim of the Grand Canyon — light hail that stung as it hit my neck and a little bit of a flurry
  • Day 6 (today) a hella lotta snow going north to Moab. Any time it was precipitating above around 6000 feet: snow. I got up to 7000+ and it was a heavy snow that was sticking to my visor and windshield.

So, tallying that up, 4 out of 6 days I was snowed on.

But I’m still here… snow notwithstanding.

I got a nice campsite on the Colorado river in the valley surrounded by buttes. (…I like big buttes… there I have that stuck in your head.)

I think I’ll stay here a second night.