I’m writing this from my tent in the morning. Last night was the first night of camping that I slept all night without being cold at all. My tollerance for cold with the gear I have is down to the mid 30s. There was a bit of light rain overnight, but it wasn’t anything huge; the rain fly had already dried by 7:30 when I got up.

Another little tidbit from yesterday: my LED headlight that I use for my main beam died. I had to run with my brights all day, no doubt annoying everyone. Better to annoy someone than to be even more invisible I suppose. But I have to say that the planning I did has paid off. In my zip-lock of spair parts I had the OEM E7 bulb ready to go. In fact this was one of the original bulbs from my ’07 GS that I wrote off in Labrador. Matilda has a bit of the old bike on her now.

Anyway – today: Arches National Park. I figure I’ll hike around after having a bit of coffee and breakfast then come back here for the second night of camping.

At my present pace, with some things being cut a bit shorter than I had planned due to shite weather. I skipped a few of the places I had on the docket, so instead of a Saturday return, it’s looking like I’m now aiming for Wednesday or Thrusday to get back home. Which isn’t bad anyway — it’ll give me a long weekend to reacclimate to the real world.