Yesterday was a long day that I managed to make longer than it needed to be. After a long day on the road I got an awesome campground at Lake Walcott State Park in Idaho.

I rolled into the site around 4 in the afternoon.

In hindsight, I should have left well enough alone.

I figured this was relatively close to the sister historical site in Bainbridge Island that I had visited. It’s the one dedicated to the Japanese who were interred over at the Minidoka camp. “Close” in this case was over an hour away.

I went to the site and looked around. It’s a work in progress… it’ll get better in a few years when they’ve had time to do all the stuff they want. Like actually have a visitor center for instance and buildings that you can walk into. Right now it’s just a path.

But anyway. After browsing around there I noticed that the sun was getting pretty low on the horizon…

I got back to camp after sunset. I had wood for a fire, but it was slightly wet. I had mosquitoes all over me. I was hungry, but camp cooking in the nighttime swatting bugs is no fun. I had a bit of the soup I made but then got frustrated.

Eventually I got the fire going but simply stacking all of the wood on and hoping for the best. It worked.

I read for a bit and got into bed way later than I was expecting.


Today I’m heading to La Grande, OR and hotelling it for the last night. I’m just worn out now.

This will make tomorrow an easy five hour cruise home, hopefully in some nice weather.