The general rule-of-thumb with computers in my house is that when Ennie’s needs are no longer met with the current set of computing devices she’s using I upgrade mine and she gets what I was using in the past.

I guess this doesn’t sound completely fair, but it does work pretty well for us since I’m the heavier user of the computers in the house. Honestly, by the time she’s looking for a speed bump, so am I. Both of us get an upgrade at the same time.

In the past couple of days she was starting to do photo editing on an old MacBook air from something around 2011 or so. This was more than a bit painful on the old beast. The fan has been spinning for well over 24 hours as the poor machine catalogs 20 years of our digital life.

Besides just cataloging the photos, using and editing them will be painful as well.

Today was the day to do the upgrade dance once more.

The one really good thing that I’ve found with Apples is that they tend to last well. The fact that a computer that’s six-years-old is still working well enough that only photo editing is starting to trip it up is pretty good. Not just that, but it’s been running on the same install of OS X since around 2013 or so.

So tomorrow: MacBook Pro 13″ (Late 2013) -> Ennie and I’m installing all the goodies on a MacBook Pro 15″ as I write this up.