Back a few elections ago I wrote about Kshama Sawant. She was an asshat then, and continues to be one to this day.

She’s a communist activist at the moment.

I was having some online discussions about her today and I came to a realization about her antics. She’s the type of person who seems to like to hear herself speak — preferably from atop a soapbox. She strikes me as someone who has aspirations to go to something bigger and more powerful than Seattle City Council.

But I think when she tries to do that she’ll run into some big problems, problems that she created for herself.

Basically, she’s moved the Overton Window so far to the left in Capitol Hill — with footage of her doing things that would only fly there — that if she ever encounters a broader audience she’ll be so far outside of the window that it would be laughable.

An attractively-shaped rock would likely win the contest.

While I’m not thrilled that she’s on council now, I’m also happy that she’s incredibly unlikely to progress any further.

Now, we just have to vote her out. Too bad I’m not in her district. Well, I guess I’m lucky to not be in her district as well.