A couple of weeks ago I picked up a MacBook Pro 15″ with the touch bar. USB-C is one of my favorite things about it.

It’s also one of my least favorite things. I’ve had the same USB-A connectors on all of my things for the past two decades so you wind up with a collection of all of the possible cords in their various permutations. The same can be said about the chargers for all of the computers — now all different.

Here’s the thing though, this has the potential to be really cool.

One of the things that I’ve often wondered is taking a real computer with me on my trips. As much as I like the iPad the full computer is still a more powerful setup. The thing that keeps me from taking a computer with me on the motorcycle is the lack of a 12VDC sourced power supply.

With the older Macs and their MagSafe connectors you had the proprietary connectors. Now with the USB-C power you can make a USB-C car charger for a laptop.

The problem is that they don’t yet exist.

grumble grumble.

It wouldn’t even be that hard to engineer it. Just get a DC-DC converter to step up the voltage to 20VDC and strap a charging controller onto it. Bonus points for having a variable DC-DC converter to supply all of the various high-power USB device specs.