This is going to be well into the rant category. You have been warned.

I work at Amazon. You know that. Amazon has a rather high bar for people to get hired on. You’re not an idiot for the most part.

But that doesn’t stop you from being an asshole sometimes.

There are so many times I see people in our kitchen pick up stuff, open one of the bins, and throw whatever away without any consideration what they are throwing away and maybe if whatever bin they picked is the right one.

To me, this is just infuriating.

Why do you throw away your can of soda in compost? Your sandwich in recycling. Your cardboard box in the landfill.

This is not rocket science. You don’t need to be able to even read — look at the pictures if you’re confused. All of you are smart people — and since you’re smart and can’t be bothered to take an extra half a second that makes you an asshole since you know better.

If you’re inside Amazon reading this, take an extra second to think before you throw something in a random bin. By throwing non-compost in the compost bin, you’re making the compost potentially worthless. By not recycling your can or bottle you’re wasting resources to make a new one.

Sorry, this is one of those topics that just grinds my gears.