Think of a public restroom and how you interact with it. Now think about what’s the grossest thing you actually interact with. You can say the toilet or something, but those are actually rather clean generally. They’re one of the parts of the bathroom that are cleaned regularly, and in fact, are made to be non-porous so they can be cleaned.

Nope… I think I figured out what it actually is.

It’s the bottle of soap.

Think about it.

You’ve just gone and done your business and you’re going to wash your hands. (Ok, I’m going to assume you’re a civilized human who actually washes their hands after doing your business)

You get some soap and wash your hands.

Remember… you’re fondling the soap dispenser with the same hands that just were helping with the business you’ve done.

And the person before you doing their business.

And so on.

Now you’re groping the thing that’s been frobbed by all the people who have done their business prior.

Yeah… you can get hand sanitizer in case someone touched their genitals. But the soap has been handled by people who are guaranteed to have done so!

The only saving grace is that if you’ve gone so far as to get soap, your next step is likely to finish the job in washing your hands.