The term “brogrammer” is a thing here in Seattle. The portmanteau of “bro” and “programmer,” obviously. There’s the notion that all of the importation of programmers from all over both the country and the world is filling Seattle up with “bros.”

First-off, I want to note that I’m painting with a very broad brush. There are exceptions to everything I’m writing. This is based on my own experiences.

While I’m sure there are bro programmers here, it’s not something I encounter with any regularity. Programmers are, almost as a rule, introverted individuals. Compounding that are the programmers from other countries; foreigners are typically more isolated as well and tend to be even quieter than average.

While I’m sure there are some “brogrammers” out there, I don’t work with them. I don’t encounter them on my team, neighboring teams, or basically ever.

If any group could possibly be portmanteau-ed… it might be “bro-ject manager.”