Yesterday En and I were in Costco leveling up our provisions. We walked by the display for Traeger smokers.

A brief consultation later we had one loaded onto a giant cart. Soon thereafter was a 10-minute struggle to get it into the Outback. Assembly was easy enough, only hampered by the heat that Seattle’s been having.

After the “seasoning” run at high for an hour. (In quotes because it’s not seasoning anything, it’s burning off all the residual oils: cutting, assembly, preservative) It smelled like a Lionel train for much of it.

Tonight was pork chops, courtesy my mom via Omaha. Our normal MO would be to slap it on the grill; tonight: smoking. 225 for 1/2 hour, 300 for another 15 minutes and everything was up to temp — 145º.

Look at that smoke ring!  😁