Amazon has posters — all over. In my building they are prominently featured in the elevators. There are unsecured buildings in Amazon that you can also seem posters, but I’m blurring the content anyway, despite the fact there’s nothing at all secret on it.

So, let me tell you something, I would absolutely love to know how minks use technology. Perhaps even hang out with one of the fuzzy critters; they certainly seem cute enough.

Oh, why am I talking about minks suddenly?

Vison. Or perhaps more correctly: “visón.” It’s a mink.

I showed this picture to a slew of people at the office. Not a single person saw anything out of the ordinary. The creators of the poster thought it was OK. The team that approves posters (the blur on the bottom right is the approval ticket number) gave it the thumbs up. The printer was oblivious. The crew that affixed these to the elevator was on board too.


It’s amazing how much autocorrect we have wired into our brains.

Oddly, the autocorrect didn’t work in my head.