I picked a spot around 2 hours away from the eclipse centerline and got an AirBNB in Twin Falls, ID. We left the exact spot that we were going to watch until closer to the actual event to account for weather.

Looking at the overall map my criteria was:

  • On the centerline
  • Out of the way
  • Not near a big town

We were staying in Twin Falls. There was a lot of talk about Idaho Falls and Rexburg, so those were off the table.

Zooming in a bit…

The area around Chilly seemed to be promising. It’s a tiny town with the next “big” town being in Mackay which is also a small town. At least it has a gas station.

Zeroing in on on the middle of the map…

There’s a road that runs just a few hundred feet from the centerline. I dropped a marker on the map.

Leaving Twin Falls at 3:30 to ensure we didn’t hit any traffic. We didn’t. We arrived to the pin at 6:30 — before sunrise.

We drove up and there was one other car there. We pulled in next to them and started chatting. Over the next two hours we welcomed another 100 or so cars. Every one of these were people who weren’t looking at glossy brochures, we all looked at maps.

The next one in 2024 I’ll have some more ideas and background to do this even better!