The term “useful idiot” was coined by Vladimir Lenin (a statue of whom we have here in Seattle). Typically this is a term used by those deriding the left who have drunk the Kool Aid a bit too hard.

Seattle is full of useful idiots who are all trying to out-progressive each other.

But this is not solely the domain of the left. The right has their useful idiots as well who drink in the propaganda as though it were religion.

It’s the opiate of the masses, if you will.

On the right, you have things like climate change. If you don’t toe the line then you might not be conservative enough.

It’s like economics on the left… just ignoring science because it doesn’t mesh with your own confirmation bias. Or railing against anything and everything that Trump does simply because he did it and being a liberal means that you need to be contrary to everything that he does. I’ll grant you that he’s an asshole… but some things he is right on in my opinion.

Toeing the line for the religious cause.

Useful — and fucking annoying — idiots.