I think I wrote about this around a year ago, but I’m being too lazy to actually search. But that’s not important for me right now.

The phone calls and post cards went out last week that Seattle City Light will be swapping out the electrical meters on the houses here with “smart” meters. The only real smartness they have is that they form a mesh network over a WiFi-like protocol and you get more granular reporting on your electricity usage. They can also remotely cut off your power in case you stop paying your bills.

The real upside is they no longer have to pay meter readers to come around every couple of months to every address in the city to read the meters manually.

Of course, people are upset. The WiFi’s are going to give you brain cancer.

Here’s a quote from the bullshit I found on Nextdoor today:

“(Smart Meters) significantly raise your risk for health problems such as anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, arrhythmias and infertility, just to name a few. Anyone struggling with any of these conditions would be wise to take EMF exposure very seriously, and take steps to limit exposure to wireless technology.”

The radio waves (which are small to begin with) will not get you Alzheimer’s — nor any of the other conditions. Unless the smart meter is broadcasting with amyloid proteins instead of radio, there’s no way you’ll get it.

The level of stupidity of these people is, quite frankly, stunning.

This is for the left what climate change denial is for the right.