Today is the first day in a couple of decades where you could freely make a web site with a 1-click purchase. Amazon’s patent on the “technology” ran out yesterday s there is no end to what other folks on the Internet can do — and they don’t have to worry about Amazon suing them.

I have a patent that was granted to Amazon that I invented. Back then I wrote that I’m not as worried about Amazon turning evil. The now expired patent was the only one that Amazon used offensively. And that use prompted an Internet-wide rebuttal. We now just stockpile patents in case someone decides to sue us.

If someone does sue us… well I guess the gloves come off and we get to see what they are doing that infringe on one of our patents.

Inside Amazon, it was a nothing. But now, one of the most famous patents of the Internet age has finally gone by the wayside.