Our now former piece-of-shit mayor finally stepped down from the throne of the mayor. He’s had not one, but at least five accusations of child rape up to now — including one from his own cousin.

I get the whole innocent until proven guilty thing — from a legal standpoint that’s more than fair. The problem is when your own shitshow if taking over the entire conversation it gets in the way of city business. It’s something that really needs to be dealt with on your own time.

These accusations have been hanging around the mayor for a year or two now. Almost everyone had given him the benefit of the doubt for the start of the disaster. By the time the second man came forward, I think I checked out of the issue and started to think that he should go. When the State of Oregon’s foster child system noted that he’s no longer allowed to foster kids in Oregon, most people left his side.

When his own family is coming out against him… well fuck that noise and GTFO.

Credit for the meme goes to a /r/SeattleWA poster.