Long list of abbreviations:

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Simply His Servants
  • 30 Year Anniversary
  • Part 1

We’re in town mainly for the 30th anniversary of the Cedar-Lee Theater playing Rocky Horror. It’s not been Simply His Servants the entire time… it’s been like that for maybe 20 years.

It turns out there is no real convention for the RHPS community this year. I was catching up on some of the drama that has transpired in the community tonight and this show that’s happening tomorrow seems to be winding up to be a mini-convention.

When in the thick of things I’ve played a few parts in conventions over the years. But like I said, that’s when I was completely embedded in the community and running things like the theater list on Usenet.

I feel honored to be playing Brad for a segment of the show as an alumn of the cast.

Usenet… god, I feel old.