Now, I’m not advocating making super sharp knives in airports in any way. You really have to ask yourself why the TSA gets their collective panties in a bunch about sharp things when you go through security when you can make your own on the inside.

Ennie and I stopped in at the Great Lakes Brewing Company restaurant and ordered the pretzel appetizer. Out came the silverware including a metal knife. It’s not a sharp knife, per se… but right behind me was a way to sharpen the knife if I were to choose to do so. (No, I didn’t.)

The fact that you can make a sharp knife with nothing more than what you can get access to in one restaurant says bunches about what the TSA actually do.

Oh, that’s right… it’s security theater and doesn’t do anything useful in case you really wanted to do any damage.

And before you accuse me of telling the terrorists how to do their job, do you honestly think that they don’t already know this?!