One of the shows Ennie and I watch is Deadliest Catch — all about crab fishing of all things. The first time I heard of it I scoffed at the idea of it, but ever since we moved to Seattle it’s one of the constants in our lives.

It’s cool living in a real port city. We have real fishing that’s based out of here. Every year, since 1987, there’s been the fishermen’s fall festival. It serves as a celebration and a memorial to those lost at sea.

And sometimes you get a celebrity. This year we had the F/V Brenna A docked at the terminal and her captain Sean Dwyer talking to people and selling a bit of merch.

When you see a boat like her…

…then you stop to think that a few years back there was the F/V Wizard. The Brenna A is 107′ long… the Wizard, on the other hand, is 156′!

Any case… the “PFD” on the bow and the logo is for Sean’s dad — Patrick F Dwyer.