This is mainly aimed at Seattle’s idiot drivers, but in general, this would apply just about anywhere in the US.

On my way to work this morning I passed an idiot trying to make a right turn onto Aurora Ave. Aurora is one of the big north-south streets in Seattle and it’s rather busy. It also has a bus lane on the right side. This guy was just waiting. He’s an idiot. What he was looking to do was wait for a gap to happen in one of the non-bus lanes. This might take all day.

Don’t do that.

What you do is don’t wait for all of the traffic to clear (obviously make sure there’s no bus, you moron), turn into the bus lane, get up to speed, then merge with the regular lanes of traffic. It’s not only quicker, it’s safer and the correct legal way to do this maneuver.

The same process in reverse when turning off a street with a bus lane. Signal and change lanes into the bus lane (after ensuring there’s no bus there of course), slow down and make your turn. Don’t just turn right from the regular lanes of traffic across the bus lane.

Don’t be like the dufus trying to turn right from 62nd onto Aurora south this morning… for all I know he might still be there waiting for a gap.

In case you really are interested in the deeper dive for Washington, feel free to look up RCW 46.61.290.