I saw this posted a couple of days ago — King County has made a new way of stating rights. I was ready to be kind of pissed off for silly pandering, but honestly, I think this is a great way of saying things. It might be a good thing to say to even adults.

In real life and online I, and many others, talk abstractly about “rights.” It makes a lot of sense from an incredibly precise way of looking at things. I enjoy the precision of ideas and thoughts, some people bristle at the pedantry I sometimes descend into (my wife included). But it’s the legalistic and formal logic parts of myself that come out.

A lot of people aren’t wired like that. And that’s not to say that that is a bad thing (*). A plain language version like this is excellent and I don’t see why regular Miranda isn’t replace with something like this.

    • I’m a programmer. This is my domain. Most people would look at what I do and state they couldn’t stomach the though of sitting at a desk all day problem solving like I do. I look at our testers and I can’t stomach doing what they do all day long — and they generally feel the same about my own jobs. I look at our designers and long for the ability to do what they do. We’re all wired different — and that’s a good thing. For fuck’s sake you don’t want too many of any one person.