I’ve known the word “skookum” for a while. I had no idea where I learned it, but it’s something I must’ve picked up.

Then I started watching AvE’s YouTube channel. Yes, he’s up from Canada — BC in fact — and the word “skookum” is from western Canada. He has a pretty identifiable patter on his channel, including using a lot of vernacular. Some of those word are real, some aren’t, many would be welcome on a pirate ship. But he does you “skookum” often, frequently in relation to a “choocher.” (He’s worth a watch anyway if you’ve never checked him out)

In case you’ve never encountered it, something that is skookum means “strong” or “great.”  Generally, it’s used as a form of praise.

Then En came home with some beer… (more on that later) brewed by Skookum Brewery.

From Arlington, WA. And yes, the brew is pretty skookum.

It’s fun how a region can have a language all its own don’cha’know.