This is the third big thing we made on the Traeger smoker since we got it — Brisket!

We went to Restaurant Depot and kind of scammed our way in (we don’t have a restaurant, but we got a membership back in Cleveland years ago using as the company) and got us an primal Angus brisket still in the cryovac bag. It’s the only way to get something that big. And it’s also cheap at $2.39/lb. :-)

A dry brine overnight (i.e. liberally salted and covered in the fridge) and it was ready to go in the morning. We woke up at 5AM to fire up the grill and get her started. (then went back to bed because it’s too early!)

Once there was enough light I got this picture at aroud 8 AM.

Bark… slowly forming. I was basting with a homemade mop sauce as we went. 225/235º was what we were cooking at.

Finished product!

Plated. Holy smoke ring! That’s what you get from 10 hours of smoke!