The word “nationalism” has gotten a bad rap of late. When I say “nationalism” I don’t mean “white nationalism” in the least bit.

Let me take a step back for a second. “White nationalism” is the goal of having a white nation. This is bullshit. The term “nationalism” is putting the needs of our nation first. I’m an American — you can call this “Americanism” if you want.

Think of the Olympics and the chant in the background of “USA USA.” That, to me, is nationalism.

In many ways, the idea of nationalism is diametrically opposed to “globalism.”

I am not a globalist. I’m an American and for the decisions that we, as America, make, I want it to benefit her citizens. All of her citizens.

I’m saying this as a son of immigrants — and they became citizens. America is a great experiment in governance. I want her to come first. I don’t want to be purely protectionist, but I believe that her citizens ought to come first when we’re looking at public policies that we’re putting in place.

Fuck the “white nationalists.” But dammit, I want America and her citizens to be put first in line when it comes to considerations from the state.