A couple of days ago I got a letter in the mail… the old-fashioned postal mail.

Oh, look. I can spend more money that I’m spending right now with GoDaddy by simply filling out the “not a bill” scam. And to top it off, this isn’t even a local US company, but one based in .as which is American Samoa. Yes, it’s “American” but I’m sure it’s a bit easier to have strange things happen over there.

This type of thing reminds me of the “invoices” you get from shady Yellow Pages (back when that was a thing) to get you to sign up. Oh, it’s more convenient to do things on paper instead of online. This is a domain name, online is where this stuff happens.

And it’s only $40 a year if you sign up for two years. GoDaddy only charges me $14.99 a year.

Scammers… doing what scammers do.