You think that not policing the streets and letting vagrants run rampant won’t do anything?

Congrats Seattle for taking the crown for the most property crime in the nation!

The assholes on city council insist on even less policing along with allowing all sorts of illegal stuff in the name of “progressive politics.”

The progressives will gladly pit permitted camping against campground sweeps.

The binary choice I presented above is a classic false dilemma. It’s really easy to knock down the “arrest them all” as a straw man argument.

But this leads to an interesting outcome. As more people buy into the false binary choice and realize the one pushed by the “homeless advocates” is patently not working they’ll flip to the opposite, also silly, idea.

The sad thing is that honestly I think that the “arrest them all” leads to an overall better society given these two and only two choices. Leaving people on the streets like the “homeless advocates” are crying for does not solve homelessness, it simply advocates for more homelessness.

I reject the idea that anyone has the right to live in a city park and ruin it for everyone. A compassionate advocate would dig deeper into the problems and figure why they are there in the first place and solve the underlying issues. Simply providing shelter doesn’t solve the root cause issues either for the chronically homeless either.

(Note: I visited Mary’s Place last week with my co-workers. Their stat (if I recall) is that 97% of the people they deal with are homeless once — I’m not talking about that group. Their clients are not the chronic homeless that everyone is bitching about.)