No, I’m not talking about developers like programmers. This is not a post about gentrification, though admittedly the title might be even better for that.

I mixed up a batch of XTOL on Sunday and was storing it in collapsable opaque bottles. These are the same bottles I’ve used for donkey’s years at this point. As I was using it today (well, I was filming a video about film development) I noticed that the bottle wasn’t sealing as well as it should.

The problem with film developer is that it needs to walk a fine line between being a reducing agent for the latent images on the film and not itself getting too oxidized to work properly. Even XTOL, being a relatively mild developer, is prone to go bad with too much air circulating.

Then: brainstorm.

Box wine.

Wine has the same constraints. While wine is mildly acidic and developer is mildly basic, they share the same problems with oxygen. I finished off a box of wine today and had it sitting on the counter… after a thorough rinse, it’s now the developer container!

I can dose out some developer without even introducing any additional air into the system! It’s like it was made for the task at hand!

And it’s just something that I would have thrown away into the recycling. Now: second life as the containment for film developer!  :-D