I went on a rainy walk to meet a new friend on Saturday in the rain. I took along my M7 and 50mm lens loaded with Ilford HP5+.

No filters here. Just a bit of enhancement to contrast that’s no different from printing on multigrade paper.

Go ahead and click on it and look at it close up. The grain you see is the grain on the negative — this isn’t artificial at all.

Film has a certain look to it. It’s a look that you get somewhat replicate… but I’ve never been one to say that you can entirely do it in the digital domain.

There’s a softness to the look that I love. Somehow the out of focus areas have some additional gentleness to them. This actually can make some sense because there’s a thicker emulsion on film than there is on a digital sensor.

The organic nature of the production seems to shine through.

I love the look.