I had a link scroll past on my Facebook feed saying that Bernie Sanders “is what everyday whyte supremacy looks like.” A side note: the word “whyte” is spelled that way by the author — it makes her seem intentionally idiotic or so fundamentally racist that she just can’t even get herself to type “white.” Creative misspellings to show how woke you are just point out how big of a tool you really are.

Yes, I supported Bernie in the primaries, but this level of hyperbole is just next level stupid.

The linked article is over at The Root.

For the love of god, stop it. If you want to have change in the 2020 election you really need to not make enemies as directly as with arguments like that. Fuck, if I hear stuff like that too much more I just want to vote against whoever you support just out of spite of your own ignorance. Oh, the fact I supported Mr. Sanders now may as well make me a member of KKK doesn’t curry any favors either.

The way to get to equality is to bring everyone up, not to drag everyone down to your level. Giving people a voice does not mean that other should not have a voice — playing this as a zero-sum game will lead to everyone losing.

You also have just about everyone in America saying that politics have become too polarized in the past couple of decades. I agree with that. And then you have people like this to whom anyone they don’t agree with is half a step away from literally Hitler. When the volume control for discussions immediately goes to 11 does one actually doubt how this is happening?