Programmers live and die by the edge cases — and few things cause problems as invariably as the daylight saving time time changes. I had a discussion with co-workers last Friday about this and the consensus was that they seemed to hate it.

I guess I don’t my DST. If I had my way we’d have double daylight saving time in the winter time to get us a little bit of daylight each day. But that’s not the point.

They were all arguing that we should just, as a planet, switch over to UTC or somesuch.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. There are too many things tied up with things like “noon” and “midnight” lining up with the top of the clock to really change things too much. If we’re sitting with UTC 16:00 in Seattle, that’s before noon. Noon is, of course, an astronomical thing. It’s when the sun is at its high point. It breaks the language in so many different ways.

Would we invent new words to describe things (or, alternately, divorce meaning from other words), of course, we would. But is it worth the change? No, I don’t believe that it is.