Europe has laws on the books along the lines of the right to be forgotten.

But I think that people deserve to be remembered as well.

I have a massive pile of slides at this point and I pulled one from there that was old. There was writing on the back I noticed and it’s really was an old photo.


I wonder which is Ginny, and who is the other person.

The colors are as good as something you would find on Facebook now, which makes sense since this was shot on Kodachrome which is known for its incredible longevity. It looks better than many of the Instagram filters you see now anyway.

  1. As I write this in 2017 that’s 68 years ago. I wonder what happened to these folks? Right after the big war; all smiles in Intervale, Hew Hampshire, which even now is barely a speck on the map.

I got this box of slides on eBay. No doubt that someone found a shoebox of slides that are hard to do anything with and they got sold off on at a garage sale or something. I’m guessing these women look 25-30 years old, so running time forward they’d be in their mid-90s if they are still with us. Maybe a relative sold off the memories not knowing what to do with them.

That makes me sad.

This is one of the reasons I’m looking to scan old slides. Because I think that people deserve to live on, if only in memories and ephemeral snapshots.

That’s the thing now — all of the memories are stored digitally and are uploaded to things like Facebook. They live on despite not having a real custodian.

Analog memories don’t share that same benefit.